In recent years R. Davis & Company has competed in International tenders for work outside of Zimbabwe's borders and has been awarded several large civil engineering projects in Mozambique, Zambia, and Malawi. Commitment, dependability, and a proven track record have guaranteed continuing job opportunities in these countries. Please download our full project list here. 

Contract: Urban Water Supply and Sanitation Project, Tete, Mozambique
Client: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Danida, Carl Bro. International, Denmark
Value: $2,390,000
Year: 1994 - 1996

Construction of office & workshop buildings, 2No 600m3 RC reservoirs and installation of boreholes, 4Kms of 400mm dia pumping mains,3Kms of 350mm dia gravity and 8Kms of distribution mains, upgrading of an existing system and installation of 2,000No domestic water meters.


Contract: Water and Sanitation Project, Chipata, Zambia
Client: Government of Zambia, Funding Agency KFW. 
Consultants: GKW Consults
Value: $3,368,876
Year: 1996 - 1999

Supply & installation of water distribution network, rehabilitation of Workshops, gravity collection sewer and rehabilitation of existing systems. Construction of septic tanks, manholes, chambers and anaerobic ponds. Installation of sewerage pumps.

Contract: Third Lilongwe Water Supply Project, Malawi
Client: Lilongwe Water Board, Funding Agency: International Development Association/World Bank
Consultants: Sogreah Consultants, France
Value: $2,302,444
Year: 2000-2001

Construction of 9.8 Kms x 800 Dia PN16 Steel Pipeline with interconnecting pipework, 60m span Pipe Bridge, and associated valves & fittings. Installation of 2 No 12m3 surge vessels, 700mm dia ultra sonic water meter.

Contract: Rehabilitation of Eight Water Schemes in the Southern Region of Malawi
Client: Southern Region Water Board, Zomba, Malawi
Value: $1,668,038
Year: 2001 - 2002

Installation of 40Kms of pipelines, drilling and equipping boreholes, construction of ground level and elevated storage tanks for 8 towns in Southern Malawi

Contract: District Water Supply iii Project, Malawi
Client: Government of Malawi, Ministry of Water. Funded by World Bank. 
Consultants: Stantec International Ltd. Canada
Value: $6,828,000
Year: 2002 - 2003

Construction of 2 no River Intake works, 3 lake intake works, Raw and Pure Water Booster pump stations with associated electrical & mechanical works. Supply and installation of 113 Kms of PVC pipes (100 to 200mm Dia). Construction of 6 No RC Reservoirs (500 to 1500m3 Capacity). Construction of 11 no office Blocks and 18 No houses.


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