Current Projects

R.Davis & Co are experienced in both chrome and gold open cast mining, and it is a core business sector for the company. Recent contracts  have been held at Ashanti Mine in Bindura, the Tokwe/Mukorsi Dam in the Lowveld and Ngezi chrome mines under Zimasco as well as the ongoing projects listed below. Please download our full project list here. 

Contract: MSC Container Hardstanding’s/ Roads
Value: US$1,805,130
Value of Works Complete: US$1,550,694.65
Start Date: 17 September 2017

Contract given a 3-month extension due to variation orders as well as delays due to fuel shortages. Over 800m3 of concrete poured and a further 600-800m3 to be poured in April. All major earthworks from original contract scope completed with the new earthworks for the VO being completed within April.

Contract: AfDB/ Crown – Harare Water & Sewer
Value: US$5,038,840.95
Value of Works Completed: US$4,764,840
Start Date: 9 August 2018

The original scope of works has been completed, with VO4 being completed this month and VO5 starting towards the middle of April, once all fittings have arrived from SA. With VO5 the total contract value has now increased by over $800,000. With extension of the project now to the end of May 2019.

Contract: AfDB - Bulawayo Outfall Sewers
Value: US$5,711,051
Value of Works Complete: US$920,454.18
Start Date: 9 August 2018

All GRP pipe from Turkey and PVC pipes from SA have been delivered to site. Progress on the ground is now more positive with a target of 1200m of pipe to be laid a month going forward with total meters being laid for this month at 954m. Large volume of rock is being encountered with the two compressor teams working on them.

Contract: Freda Rebecca Gold Mine (Underground)
Value: US$7,140,000
Value of Works Complete: US$2,740,000.00
Start Date: 1 March 2018

  • Gradual growth in work scope was experienced at Freda Rebecca Mine (started as 50kt/month, now on 80kt/month and currently  working on a 110kt/month request which is yet to be signed on contract.
  • R Davis consistently delivering  close/on  target production in the first quarter 2019 Jan(78,230t), Feb (81,244t) March (+/-78kt)
  • Additional new fleet commissioned-four  Volvo A30 Articulated Dump Trucks  now in full operation from February .
  • Freda intends to have a single mining contractor for both underground and surface with surface having 8million tonnes scoped in the mine plans.
  • Freda is working on upgrading their underground loading capacity as the loading was affecting our ability to achieve the full capacity in the last couple of months. The additional LHD is expected to be on site in 6-8weeks.
  • Currently in negotiations on increasing Nostro payment to 55% to maintain viability. The Q1 payments were on 30% Nostro. All payment from March will now attract the prevailing bank rate on the RTGS portion.

Contract: Freda Surface Operation
Value: US$1,050,000.00
Start Date: 11 January 2019
Value of Works Complete: US$550,000.00

  • Surface operations started 11th January on a work orders, initially  150kt was ordered in January then additional scope of 550kt added to cater for under estimated free dig mining encountered  on the starter pit. The operation is now on double shift based on the new mining target per month of 240kt as from mid March.
  • The surface operation has so far mined out about 370kt from the combined order tonnage of 700kt as of end of March.
  • Contract of surface mining work scope for Starter Pit 2.5Million tonnes which cumulative gets to 8million after first phase, is under discussions. The new scope entails 240kt/month mining operation.

Contract: Chrome Mining - R Davis Checko Joint Venture
Value: US$500,000
Value of Works Complete: US$260,000
Start Date: 1 January 2017

  • Checko is a small scale operation which is self sufficient, currently mining  operation is 300-400t mined chrome per month.
  • Current focus is on sourcing appropriate size mining scope from Zimasco  and maintaining presence in the Dyke area

Contract: Tongaat (Lowveld Sugar Cane Trust)
Value: US$3,962,818.53
Value of Works Complete: US$0
Start Date: 5 April 2019 test

Contract: Roads, Water and Hardstanding for Container Storage
Client: TSL Properties.
Value: $782,972
Year: September 2017

Contract: Rehabilitation of Water and Sewer in Harare
Client: Crown Agents (UK), for Ministry of Finance
Value: $4,274,670
Year: September 2017

10.5Kms GRP Pipe 400 to 600mm Dia, 3 Kms Steel Pipe 400mm to 1300mm Dia.
Joint Venture with Esor (SA).

Contract: Mining of up to 5000 Tons of Chrome per month.
Client: SEF Finance
Value: $425,000 monthly average
Year: September 2017

Contract: Isabella Mine 
Client: Bilboes Holdings
Value: $6,300,000
Year: 2014 - ongoing

Gold Mining in Matabeleland
Loading and Hauling of 45,000m3 of Ore and Waste Per Month

Contract: Cam & Motor
Client: Rio Zim
Value: $12,000,000 per annum
Year: 2015 - ongoing

Contract Gold Mining in Kadoma
Loading and Hauling 200,000m3 per month of waste and ore. Haulage of 24,000 tons per month of ore to processing plan 50kms away. New mine ramp up being awarded in 2017.

Contract: Danly Mine
Client: Rio Zim
Value: $3,200,000
Year: 2017 - ongoing

Contract Gold Mining in Chakari
Loading and Hauling 45,000m3 to 75,000m3 per month of waste and ore.

Contract: Nkulumane Phumula South Housing Scheme
Client: CABS/Old Mutual
Value: $2,100,000
Year: 2017 - ongoing

28 Kms of Water and Sewer Reticulation.

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